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Written by Martin Larsen   
Friday, 28 April 2006

This 7.5 minutes long movie with sound and music gives a good feeling of the thrilling experience it is to witness a total solar eclipse.

Apart from the first minute or so, the video camera was mounted on a tripod and pointed in the direction of the Apollo temple. Thus, the camera did not film the eclipsed sun itself; instead it captured the atmosphere and excitement of the many people gathered. As a substitute for filming the sun directly, I have inserted a lot of still shots of the eclipse which almost makes it look as if I had indeed filmed the sun.

The movie was made with Adobe Premiere Elements. Click on the black area to start it!

The movie requires a pretty fast connection. If it appears sluggish then your connection is probably too slow, or the server is too busy. Then try this lower quality version. Or simply stop it temporarily by clicking on the movie and wait for it to finish loading as indicated by the gray line below.

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